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New Years Resolution UPDATE

I thought we'd keep you posted about our New Years Resolutions. We've stuck to quite a few.. 
We've now fully got rid of Photoshop and opted for Affinity Photo. Why? Photoshop just wasn't speeding up our workflow and when your paying for 6 seats.. it all adds up. Affinity Photo gives us the same coverage as photoshop and much much more, repetitive tasks are taking seconds.. instead of 20 minutes, cutting out is a dream!! AP is also a reasonable one of pricing system, it opens and saves PSD's... so our overall workflow hasn't changed a great deal.

As mentioned in January we've continued to invest in hardware to make sure we're always running at the peak of our game. We've recently invested over £15k on in house render solutions which come online this week as well as further investment into 6k+ cameras and hardware. Further Lab demo's to come!

We're also pleased to say Natron is now fully integrated into our workflow, its still developing and we look forward to seeing what its capable of.