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Glow - Let Be

We've been working on a new collaboration with Simon Pyke of for his new music video 'Let Be' (available on iTunes) We worked with Simon late in 2016 to produce 30 Seconds of Sound visualised, the new music video see's a move towards our new collaborative production arm of Sparkle 'People & Pixels' which will launch in 2017, offering varying directors, producers, sound designers and motion designers for high end film production.

When we first heard 'Let Be' it instantly sounded like a journey, Simon was keen to keep the same look and feel as his first video (Closer) so we decided to continue the journey from the first video, this time it being a POV video, who that person is will be revealed at the end of the video. The video is heavy on CG, as the POV looks around the new world, looking to discover where they are.. and who's controlling everything. We've put together a pre-production trailer before the CG reveals the world the person is looking around. Its been a very exciting project so far utilising new tech to capture the shots we needed for the video. 'Let be' will be released towards the end of March 2017.

Previosly we worked with Simon on Edition 4 of 30 Seconds of Sound Visualised.