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New Years Resolutions

We hope everyone's had a great start to 2017, we've come up with a few resolutions we're determined to continue with throughout the year. 

  • Collaborate More. We Collaborate a lot, we'll be making more of an effort this year as things are always stronger together. A conversation costs nothing, come have a chat, we've over 20 years of production experience both animated and filmed... we may have an idea or two up our sleeves thats suits your clients.
  • Build more physical objects from 3D data. We'll be doing a lot of 3D printing in 2017 and combining it with animation & Film.. we need to more of this!
  • Film More/Film Different - Use the full extent of our 4k+ Filming Kit.. Back to basics, film animation, film miniatures! 2017 will be keeping it simple yet high impact visuals, from the air, from the ground, from wires and across time. More news to follow of the acquisition of new high end filming equipment.
  • Move away from all Adobe Products. We felt for a long time we're being expensive beta testers, our After Effects crash logs could stretch to the moon and back. After Effects is currently being supported by its long time users like ourselves who are writing the code to fix problems adobe are having. The majority of support and development being upheld by the wonderful people at, just make it open source.. they'll fix it, come on your world zero is still in the left hand corner! Its an exciting time for software, Affinity Photo & Pixelmator replacing Photoshop.. We've now included Fusion in our workflow and during this year we'll be looking at adopting Natron. We're also looking at MoHo Pro as a first step to replace After Effects.
  • Invest. We constantly invest into our production kit, this year will be no different acquiring more technology and production kit enabling us to producer even high standard filmed projects. This year we'll be looking to go beyond 4k on the ground and aerial.
  • Experiment more!.. What the point of all the wonderful production kit of you don't push it! We'll be implementing specific days across the months just for experimenting in hardware and software, we've already started the Lab section where we aim to post all the success and failure that comes with experiments!