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Motion Graphics Meet up

Its been a long time since we've done a motion graphics meet up, so with the summer slowly coming to an end we thought we'd test the waters and see if anyones intertested? We where thinking of something informal (an excuse for beer), everyone attending can showcase a portion of their reel, we'll hold informal digital clinics if people are having mograph problems or just want to see how something can be done, nerd out on software and see what other designers are up to... as well as general moans of industry issues!.. guests etc..

What it won't be:

  • A place to come and find work
  • Bug people with your reel

What it will be:

  • See what others motion designers are doing
  • Be part of a showcase
  • Look for talent
  • Get help with tech issues (3D, Mograph, After Effects etc)
  • Nerd out about software and design process
  • Drink beer

So if your vaguely interested give me a yay or a nay so we can see what kind of numbers maybe involved then we'll look to sourcing a venue (probably Liverpool). If it happens and goes well.. maybe it could happen once a month?

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