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Liverpool Airport Routes 2017

3d printing, art direction, creative direction


USP Creative approached us in early January 2017 to discuss possible solutions for their client, Liverpool John Lennon Airport, of what they could take to the annual airport event, Routes 2017 in Belfast. The final piece would make up part of a stand design by USP.


The result was was 3 months of continual 3D printing. We 3D printed a map of Liverpool. Once complete, we then projection mapped onto the city areas delivering interactive stats on the growing wealth of the city and how the airport played an important role.

The early part of the project started by mapping out in 3D space where the models would sit. Due to the tight deadline we then began to model and print continually for 3 months. The models taking anywhere from 1 - 4 days to print. Once projection mapped, a base template was made for the animation, allowing us to animate with the model in our workshop. After constructing the model, it was carefully deconstructed before being sent for a matte coat of paint to give a solid feel to the projections. We purposely used high end ultra bright projectors that will be seen in daylight.

Once complete the entire model was driven to Belfast for the two day event. The map returns in 2018 when it’ll head to Barcelona.


Concept & Direction: Sparkle*

Art Direction : USP Creative

Production: Sparkle*