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Animation, Art Direction, Brand Film, Corporate Video, Motion Design, Motion Graphics

We’ve been working with Ralf for over 2 years, from his early 2D conceptions into a real life working robot. His daily job is to promote health and safety around the Magna car prodcution plants across the world, Ralf takes the fall instead of the people!…. but as a special treat, we thought we’d send him out on adventure… which kind of backfired for him. We opted on the style of the piece pretty early in, choosing to use Cinema 4D’d cel shader for Ralf, placing him in the shiny world of VRAY whilst picking him out with the cel shader.

This small animation gives planty of nods to our favourite films and directors throughout. Completed over three weeks, althought a short and simple performance… the render managment was huge!! Each scene on average containing a minium of 10 layers of 3D renders and buffers.