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2.35.1 Anamorphic Lens Tests

This footage has not been shot particularly well. But this part of the experiment was never about getting the exposures correct. It was about how we deal with using the anamorphic lens. It's huge, the weight of is quite exceptional. Moving forward, when we take it on to a real job, we're building a bespoke rig that will be attached to the ronin and other gimbals. The image quality it produces is beautiful, especially when you take into consideration the lanes it's attached to, a 50mm prime. This now allows for super wide shots with amazing depth of field. Everything feels like classic westerns, the small distortions towards the edge of the lens adds charm.

The Anamorphic lens shoots extra height, capturing more pixels than a regular lens. Once decompressed the wide 2.35.1 image is produced.

Here’s a spherical vs. anamorphic bokeh comparison from an article by B&H Photo Video: