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Aerial Filming

Sparkle is fully CAA approved and insured for Aerial Filming across the UK and Europe. Aerial filming can be used to capture 4k+ RAW footage or take 20mp stills. Footage can be used as part of Brand Film or to survey a site which maybe too dangerous to get close to. All filming is subject to pre-flight survey and RAMS's. Thermal imaging is available upon request. 


Ground Filming

Our film crews have over 30 years of experience and use the most cutting edge kit available. We currently shoot 4k and above in raw DNG format, using cinema grade film cameras as standard. We have an expansive array of kit for specialised shooting and locations. This includes Camera Gimbals for steady or remote shots, Wire based rigs for time lapse in high situations, steady cams, remote control time lapse cameras (shooting at 8k), 360 filming, Prime Cinema Lenses. Our production crew can advise what would be best for your production.