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Feel Fit

Animation, Art Direction, Filming, Motion Design, Motion Graphics


Reebok Europe asked Sparkle* to pitch ideas for a new online fitness programme they where looking to launch. Once the pitch was complete Sparkle* where commissioned to produce to produce all viral content and all training content for the programme.


Producing 3 viral adverts (TV adverts for southern hemisphere) and all training content; 375 short training clips. Footage for the viral was shot in the South of England and Sydney Australia. Sparkle* produced and managed the 18 strong crew which it provided form the UK, spending 3 weeks in Sydney filming the remaining content.


The final viral product was a collection of every day people in an environment where they were exercising doing every days task. We visually demonstrated all the excersises using tracked 3D and graphical elements to their bodies.

“Sparkle excelled our expectations with the viral, we’ve truly shown how exercise is working in every day life in a visual medium. Their work and Professional shooting in Australia was a credit to themselves “