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CG can take on varying forms from photo realistic to a more stylised content. 3D CG elements can be used for 2D animation or 2D (flat illustrated content) as quite often the 3D workflow is much more adaptable than a traditional 2D workflow. Items constructed entirely in 3D space have further possibilities once the initial model has been made, colour can be changed, lighting changed, varying render format can be created including building size print ready images. CG is not just for animation, 3D models can be combined with photographs a to produce photographic print ready images.

CG 1.png
CG 2.png

Further Uses of CG

Further implementation of CG can be used within VR and 360 videos. CG can be used to help tell your story when you lack physical assets. CG assets can be combined with live footage to help tell your story. Our CG artists have over 20 years experience in the field and can advise on how CG could be used within your project.