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Carcass UFHC

Animation, Filming, Motion Graphics, Music, Music Video


Carcass came to us wih a very specific idea in mind for their music video, lose the limbs and make us decay! 


The project involed 163 shots each of which needed some kind of paint aspect. We took still frames from each of the shots and begin the longest process of matte painting. We new once this was done Mocha Pro would be the true hero. Mocha allowed us to track each shot really quick then take the data to After Effects where we used it to animate all the layered photoshop files. Needless to say it didn’t let us down.. Time was against us making the video, in just under 2 weeks we managed to shoot the band on greem screen, key, track and get it comped. Its not perfect by a long shot but without the use of Mocha Pro, we wouldn’t have been able to get it done at all. The video has now into millions of views on youtube and was a great success to launching their new album after 13 years out of the scene. Big thanks to Ken Owen who was present throughout the shoot providing his acting skills and ideas.