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Liverpool Biennial 2016 Approached us to create a forward thinking approach to their advertising campaign for 2016.


All the icons and type were designed by designer Sara De Bont , we then went about building a digital tool kit in adobe After Effects, animating all icons, upper and lower case, then scripting templates within After Effects allowing the Biennial staff to create bespoke outputs to in any format. The DTK was built in such a way which allowed one master template to be animated which then trickled down to multiple outputs from 4k to web banners in all common frames per second. Room was left within the scripts to adjust colours and timings within all the animations. Once complete the Biennial can now send out multiple campaigns without any further input from external animators.

The Digital Tool Kit often makes up a large part of our work flow, putting maximum effort in during the early stages which then allows simple multiple outputs for our clients, giving the uninterrupted, self continued advertising campaigns.